Thursday, May 30, 2019

First post: My entery to the world of wargaming

Hello every one! I'm new to the world wargaming, this blog will be on my 1/72 Italian wars collection, with probably so late medieval figs and so forth. I'm very into history as a hobby and modeling, my dad was into it when he was young now he's passed it to me. I want to apologize for my ugly bases and  terrain, I spend almost 100% of my money on figures(I'm only 14 so I only have so much money). So it will a long journey of paint glue and pike& shot! I hope every one finds my posts interesting and inspiring, other wise I'll see you on the other side of the battle field!


  1. Good luck with your blog, looking forward to seeing your troops!
    Best Iain

  2. Hi Ryan. Not ignoring your request About the bods, just I´m very busy at the Moment with work and home renovations.

    1. PS.I advise putting the comments box on Moderation mode. I didn´t at first and got a lot of spam comments ranging from odd to very nasty. I only realised late after a couple of hundred Posts and it took me Hours to hunt them down and delete them. The Spammers won´t stop Posting comments but at least they won´t appear on the blog and you can have satisaction of deleting them and knowing they have wasted thier time ;-)

  3. Good luck with your new blog and wargaming projects. I have a liking for all things Italian wars so will be following with interest.